We Learn About People And Businesses In Times Of Need

Looking back on how various individuals behaved during the run- up to, as well as the aftermath of the recent storm that hit much of the east coast of the United States, including Long Island, I am convinced that one learns far more about the true colors of individuals, elected officials, business leaders, corporations and governments, during these times and types of circumstances, than during any more ordinary periods of time. While I am grateful that the vast majority of people become even better during these challenges, unfortunately there are always a few bad apples whose behavior is at best distasteful.1. Bravo to the many people who let people sleep in their homes, use their electric, stored some of the perishables, helped with debris removal, etc. Bravo as well especially to the tireless efforts of volunteer fire fighters, who seem to be everywhere needed in times of need. To the many caring individuals who went out of their way to check on, and offer assistance to less fortunate, we say thanks.2. While the vast majority of stores and store owners acted responsibly, and went out of their way to provide the best service they could during trying times, we should all remember who they were, and now that things are back to normal, we should go out of our way to give our business to them. On the other hand, while most of the local gas stations acted responsibly, to those than jacked up the price of gas (within moments of the run up to the store, there were a couple in my neighborhood who raised prices twenty cents per gallon, while others in town basically maintained their prices), we should do our utmost to avoid using them now.To the local drug store, who has been offering bottled water for four to five dollars for two dozen bottles all summer, and then in the run up to the storm, started charging nearly nine dollars, we should hesitate before using them as well. And, we should all remember the local hardware store, who has been doing business in this town for ages, to reportedly start charging about thirty dollars for pre- ordering flashlights, as well as those who started nearly extortion- type behavior for batteries (especially D batteries, which many larger flashlights use), and hesitate doing business with them.3. We should also remember which businesses, service organizations, companies, government officials and bodies stood out, both in a positive and negative way. We should also differentiate the hard work and tireless efforts of many workers, who did the best they could, and went above and beyond, even though their company or organization was either less than forthcoming, or was not stellar in some other manner.4. Perhaps one of the most disturbing observations was that it was the entrenched businesses, that always promote themselves as friendly alternatives to the chain stores, that were most guilty of this horrendous behavior, while the chain stores predominantly acted honorably. Some chain stores even brought in truck loads of supplies that they gave away free to those in need, in the aftermath of the storm. We owe it to them to show our appreciation!Many qualities, traits and abilities can be trained. However, none of these are nearly as significant as integrity. During stressful times, whether or not someone or some institution has integrity, becomes obvious!

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How to Acquire Multilevel Marketing Success When You Have Burned Through Your Warm Market

If the network marketing company that you are working with now is not your first, chances are you have already told your warm market about a business opportunity before. So what exactly is the next step whenever you feel anxious about approaching buddies, family and co-workers you’ve already pitched to? This information will help you get the Multi-Level Network Marketing results you desire once you have exhausted your warm market contacts.You are very excited and looking forward to a very bright future in your business because you have just joined a new Multi-Level Marketing Business.You just finished watching the testimonial introductory video, going through the company website and training and one of the suggestions in the training on how to be successful in the business is to make a list of your loved ones and buddies. But, as you think about everyone who you think would want to consider your brand-new business opportunity, you rapidly understand that your warm market is much more of a no-market because you have burned through your warm market with your last 10 companies you’ve become a member of.What exactly is the next step?Listed here are a couple of tips that may help you get results whenever your warm market is not so hot in the end.First Check Your Warm Market to find out if They’re Still HotThe simplest method to know if a person has an interest in your new multilevel marketing venture would be to simply request. First begin with “are you available or open to any new business opportunity?” And find out the way they react. If they respond positively, regardless of the number of occasions you’ve pitched your company to them formerly, you are able to assume they are prepared to at least, have a look at what you are offering.If the person states no, or needs to be convinced to check it out, then be comfortable with their response. You are doing your job as a distributor which is to expose the company to other people and allow them to make their choices. You must be careful not to push, pull, drag, or beg anyone to have a look at the business opportunity because if you do so, you instantly kill your future likelihood of returning for them with new business opportunities later on!Ways to get More Results as well as ReferralsShould you request your potential prospect in your warm market if they’re available or open to new income options, or exploring a side project, and they refuse, rapidly go ahead and take away your focus from them and request if they have a friend who’s available and open to generate some extra income with a business opportunity like this.Here’s a fast example:You: Hey John, I just hope this might be for you or I may be wrong, however I wanted to find out if you are available or open to making additional earnings outside of what you’re presently doing?John: Oh no, I’m doing just fine at the moment, and to think of it, the last 5 occasions I became a member of a company along with you… it simply did not work out for me.You: Not a problem John and I am really sorry about you not pushing the business due to your daily pressing duties. Look John; are you aware of anybody who’s battling financially at this time that really must have extra cash? Do you have anybody I possibly could call?Whenever you handle an objection or rejection in a fashion that states, I am not irritated from your NO, it puts you in command, and lots of occasions the way you react gives your prospect the sensation there might be something I am going to lose out on here – He may want to request more explanations, or acquire some more information. But, even when John decides it’s truly not something He would like to pursue, you might have the ability to acquire some great referrals along the way through him.Never assume your warm market is not interested…Until they let you know that there response to this new opportunity of yours is NO, do not ever assume someone will say NO to your brand-new business opportunity simply because they stated NO to some previous opportunities you have, or even the one you became a member of together 1 to 3 years ago did not work out as it ought to.You don’t know someone’s unique circumstances or need until you really speak with them. More and more people are battling in their finances than in the past, and lots of individuals are just awaiting anyone to come save them from their circumstances. So, reach out to your buddies and family and you might be surprised at the positive reactions you receive.Switch Over to Cold Market:If you have exhausted all efforts in your warm market with little or no success, this is time to move to your cold market and make them warm through relationship and follow up.The cold market prospecting techniques is gaining popularity more than the old way of pitching your warm market.We have two types of Cold market prospectingOnline and OfflineOnline Cold Market ProspectingThis the most simple prospecting in the cold market as systems are in place online to help you use the modern technology to build a successful Network Marketing business without calling friends and family or bugging your neighbors.Offline Cold Market Prospecting:This is an offline recruiting system of moving to strangers in another town or in the same city you are in to build your business. This technique is also effective as there are people looking for the opportunity you have and they will be glad if you come to them with your business opportunity.

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How Social Media Allies and Upsides Your SEO Efforts?

SMM and Search Engine Optimization are usually given a separate space in the digital marketing arena.

And, quite reasonably, they are the two most decisive factors in the online marketing sphere.

But what we fail to understand is why many businesses do not acknowledge social media marketing as one of SEO’s most influential allies.

Do we intend to say that social media directly encourages your Search engine rankings?

The simple answer could be NO!

You must recognize that social metrics like Facebook likes and Twitter followers indicate social profile authority but have no hand in directly circumscribing the search engine rankings.

Surely, our straightforward answer is confusing. However, we completely believe that SEO and smo are powerful collaborators whose association must be leveraged for digital marketing success.

Let’s dig deeper and express how SMM can merit and warrant your SEO strategy.

The Relationship Between Social Metrics & SEO

Let’s assume that there might have been experiments conducted in the past that determine the use of social-media metrics such as social mentions and engagement level for search engine rankings.

But due to the unpredictable and unstable nature of smo and the weak signals generated, professionals might have dropped the attempts.

This was well elaborated by Matt Cutts back in 2014 in a Webmasters video. He was the Head of Google’s Webspam Team back then, and he revealed that social media provided incomplete signals.

Also, search engine algorithms can’t ascertain the reliability and authority of the smo posts and the profile.

Nevertheless, is there an Indirect way that social media influences search engine rankings?

And, this was embellished in the Cutt’s video itself.

He said that Google treats all social media websites like any other website on the Internet, which means that the same rules apply to Facebook, Twitter and so on as it applies to other websites.

Benefits of Social Media for Business

A Linkable Opportunity

As most social media consists of links to other websites, site owners and content creators can use it to promote their content.

You can employ a particular mixture of organic and paid promotions strategy to maximize your audience base.

Here’s how this happens-

As you use social media, there might have been countless times that some articles impacted you.

The impression an article made is evident in the things you share and communicate on social media. You might often use the information from the article in your other works, giving the source article a reference.

Understand that people cannot relate to something unless they know about it. Social media gives the perfect opportunity to content creators to prompt the audience and share link-worthy content.

You might well concede that SMM has given attention to many websites and individuals who were not known before. Creating Brand Mentions

Now, suppose someone or something (brand, product, service, individual, business, etc.) that has not yet been identified by Google suddenly notices many remarks online. In that case, it will influence Google to categorize them as an “entity”.

These are some unique circumstances that can boost your search engine rankings. This is bound to the context you are being mentioned or how people are talking about you online.

Understand that you are not adjudicated for how high you rank for a thing but what you entail as an entity.

So your website might not be getting a mention for a specific thing right now, but seeing the number of people who put trust in you, they can well start recognizing your business for that particular piece.

This is called the power of positive mentions.

Nevertheless, you need to make sure that positive mentions are not just on social media but on all public forums.

You can spring your brand marketing with your true audience base and inspire positive reinforcement and communication on social media.

Social Media For Searches

You cannot miss the fact that people use social media to search for a particular product or brand, and your audience base is just not limited to Google or Bing.

As you operate Twitter, you will realize that the social media channel with its trends, hashtags, insights and other tools give you a perfect opportunity to collude with the potential customers, making your content visible to the users.

You will find similar responses to Pinterest and Instagram.

Also, if anyone wants to know more about your company, he/she will likely ascertain your presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter channels- do a quick search and decide upon if he/she wants to deal with your business or not.

In 2016 Mark Zuckerberg had mentioned that “Now people are doing more than 2 billion searches a day between looking up people, businesses, and other things they care about.”- source Techcrunch.

Facebook had earlier retreated on a semantic graph search engine and launched a true keyword search, which landed in more search queries for media channel.

Twitter, since its onset, has been the leading destination for the population to flock for searches, especially in the event of big global news. Full post search appeared to have worked for Facebook and have expedited query volume.

Changing The Idea Of SEO

We have reached the phase where SEO is not just centered till Google optimization. We need to realize that search engine optimization is extending and converging on smo.

Also, if Google has been unclear about its stand, Bing, on the other hand, has been quite positive in including social metrics in its search engine algorithms.

You may well agree that the audience that reaches the company website, lurking through digital media channels, has already interacted with the company in a very pragmatic sense.

Also, digital media gives users the capability to engage more powerfully and compellingly. Hence, it will be only effective to broaden your social, media capacities and elicit brand awareness and growth.

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